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Organology, Musical Acoustics and Musical Instrument Making

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The Academy of Musical Science and Technology (AMST) will begin by offering a portfolio of selected courses, which will grow over time. The selection of courses will depend on the interests of AMST teachers and learners and will be determined on a course-by-course basis.

Why is AMST announcing courses before they have been fully built?
Many are interested in online education and exploring ways in which to get content online. AMST wants its community and the communities of other institutions to know that they can continue to look to AMST to bring innovation to online learning. The design of some courses cannot be fully finished but we do some publicity so we can have some preliminary feedback and make some adjustments if necessary.

Subsidized course

Enrolment Open

Making a Guitar using Scientific Knowledge and Traditional Methods

Theoretic and practical 1-year on-line program to deep in the fundamental concepts of the acoustics and its application in the design and making of guitars.


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Making a Guitar. Workshop

Practical 2-week workshop to build a guitar led in all steps, with extensive discussions on guitar acoustics, history, design and technology.

Little or no woodworking experience is necessary, just patience.


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Setting up a Lutherie Bussiness

On-line 2-month practical workshop to learn how to set up a lutherie business.




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