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Organology, Musical Acoustics and Musical Instrument Making

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We are very happy to answer to all your questions, but if you want a quick answer, probably it is better if you can find it among the information that we publish in these pages. Please note that while we read all the messages, we won't be able to answer to all of them.

Is the Academy of Musical Science and Technology (AMST) affiliated with any university or company?

No. The AMST is in continuous contact with several but is an independent private company.

The AMST was founded by two acousticians that love music and musical instruments and who believe much of the educational value of their university classes can be offered to people that has not the time to follow regular in-person courses.

Where to find us

The sort answer is: here! This Academy has not a physical headquarters. We select the best teachers for each course and they do not live and work in the same place. The in-person courses are organized in different places and teachers move in each case. For on-line courses every teacher works from anywhere s/he can use the internet or other communication ways. Using Internet, we connect some of the greatest teachers to students all over the world.

We deal all the administrative and legal issues of this Academy from an office in Madrid (Spain). That is not an office open to students.

We prefer not to publish here more contact details because the bad use and abuse that many people do with the data found in the internet, but we invite you to send an email and ask for anything of your interest.

Will you be offering other courses?

Yes. We will be announcing more courses soon.

What is the price?

That's depend on the course. If it is not stated in the course information is because it has not been set up yet. But it will be communicated to all people that has shown an interest on it and will be published before enrolment can start.

When do classes start?

As a general rule, on-line courses can start at any time since there are a significant number of interested students that compensates the effort of the teachers.

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